The difficulties in doing WIFI project

Site investigation

Whenever you do a project, you need someone to do the site investigation first

Complex installation

Wiring is cumbersome, punching hole is time consuming, installation location is limited.

Aftersale problems need to be solved in site

It cost a lot of time and effort to do aftersale supports


Don’t need to do the dite investigation any more, just buy it, plug & play

Don’t need to do the site investigation and decide where to put the wire any more, install wherever that you think the signal is bad




Four ways of installation, easy and convenient

Support ceiling mount/ wall mount/ desk mount and pole mount, choose the best way for you





Wiring free, zero labor cost, auto-configuration

True mesh technology, auto-discover, auto-sonfigure, auto-networking after plug in.

Automatic optimization, automatic healing, ensure the stability of the network!

The Mesh technology has the function of automatic optimization and automatic healing. It can automatically select the optimal route according to the network condition. When the equipment is broken and reconnected, it can work normally without any operation.


Say goodbye to visiting services
Support APP remote management

It supports in site configuration by APP, remote management and maintenance, and provide cloud management platform, make the management of projects more conveinent


Solution design


Advantage of the solution


Supports SMS, WEB and one-key authentication
Refuse wifi password sharing

Smart QoS

Bandwidth control
Ensure a perfect network for everybody


Ensure the high efficiency of the network

Seamless roaming

Supports fast roaming
Ensure the good using experience


Device choosing

 50 users100 users100 users200 users300 users
Core switchG3224T(1pcs)
Mesh masterEW9(1pcs)EW9(1pcs)EW9(2pcs)EW12(2pcs)EW12(3pcs)
Mesh slaveEP9(2pcs)EP9(3pcs)EP9(4pcs)EP12(4pcs)EP12(6pcs)